E-commerce shopping websites in Pakistan, buy branded products in Pakistan

E-commerce shopping websites in Pakistan, buy branded products in Pakistan

E-commerce shopping websites in Pakistan, buy branded products in Pakistan

Online Shopping in Pakistan

E-commerce is nothing new in Pakistan it has been in the country for quite some time. However it is still gaining attraction and significant growth in recent times. With the increase in the number of people using internet, as the 3G, 4G, LTE technology launched in Pakistan and the rates of internet has also decreases, the number of people purchasing products and services also increased. Still a large majority of people prefer to shop old-fashioned way- by going markets and malls. But with more than 45 million people using internet in the country, the trend of online shopping increased exponentially.

As increasingly large numbers of businesses are switching to e-commerce by registering prominent online presence. Customers are also getting used to ease and convenience of ordering product of services by mere few clicks and so, the audience is growing.

It is estimated that in near future approximately 25% of traditional business will switched to e-commerce, as in online shopping stores there are a lot of leverages, the rental physical retail shop is the major factor of them. In online shopping stores the prices of products are relatively low due to the absence of salespersons’, retail location and utility bills(electricity, gas) etc.

In Pakistan, many new businesses have been launched online in recent times, effectively making them a part of e-commerce. One such online business venture which provides comprehensive online shopping experience is PkBrand.com and PkBazaar.pk aims to offer top quality online shopping service, much like e-bay or amazon. PkBrand.com and Pkbazaar.pk provides latest products of almost every kind and of various brands in minimum rates and time. PkBrand.com and pkbazaar.pk currently offers more than one thousand products providing customers with good mix to choose from and increasing its products day by day.

Such businesses are a huge accessibility for many people. To cite an example, I recently purchased a pair of shoes from PkBrand.com and pkbazaar.pk and had it delivered to my home within the next three days. The online transaction saved me the trouble of searching for shoes of my choice at actual shops. In this way, online shopping not only saves us time, it also gives us a more different range of options to choose from. All these online transactions can be carried out without leaving the comfort of your home or without facing long lines of traffic, the blazing heat or shivering cold weather.

Although e-commerce is growing speedily in Pakistan, there are many reasons which make customers hesitant. According to a recent study, 43% online shoppers have failed in their attempt to obtaining a product, thanks to poorly designed websites. Such design failures will cost online companies US$14 billion come the holiday season, the study further notes. Therefore, to continue a healthy growth, e-commerce dealers will have to continue improving the shopping experiences they offer. Also, businesses which already exist online and intend to switch to e-commerce like PkBrand.com and pkbazaar.pk and must take footnote of the chances as well as the problems or risk losing their credibility. So, if all online ventures make it their mission to deliver on their promises and espoused values then we will soon witness an E-commerce revolution in Pakistan.