Taf Toys Toe Time Infant Car Toy Kick And Play Musical Travel Activity Center For Rear Facing Baby



Price Rs: 9132
Product Code: 4489168

Item Description:

Keep your little one engaged in the auto with the Taf Toys Toe Time Infant Car Toy! This unique and exceptional auto movement toy guarantees hours of “calm” driving. Made of delicate, vivid textures, it connects to the seat before your youngster and changes effortlessly so they can achieve all the fun exercises. Includes delicate dolls, fun characters, and a protected mirror.

Toe Time Infant Car Toy builds up infant’s gross engine abilities and shows circumstances and end results. Playing and getting vivid dolls empowers the advancement of child’s faculties and fine engine abilities.

At Taf Toys we comprehend that picking the privilege formative toy for your kid is a genuine choice. Taf Toys’ extensive variety of items gives you formative toys that relate to your infant’s age and that are testing, fun, and move the creative energy. The greater part of our toys are made with the expectation to advance your infant’s enthusiastic, intellectual, and physical improvement amid their initial two years of development. We will probably help your infant build up an establishment for a sound and upbeat formative way.


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