SE MZ101B Helping Hand With Magnifying Glass

Product Code: 4487985
Price Rs.2715

Item Description:

SE is pleased to give our Helping Hand Magnifying Glass—ideal for specialists, circuit testers, gem dealers, and ordinary clients while binding and working with little parts and points of interest. The magnifier and clasps will change in accordance with most points, and the magnifier extraordinarily decreases the requirement for additional visual guide.

Components of this item include:

• Magnification: 4x

• 2 Alligator cuts on 4-way swivels

• Adjustable magnifier and clasps in different edges

• Heavy-obligation base for dependability

• Comes in rankle bundling

Disclaimer: Magnifications are approximates and may differ marginally.


Abstain from getting fake things. Authentic SE items accompanied our SE logo on the bundling.

SE is focused on giving the client the best hotspot for esteem. You will appreciate the quality, capacity and value this Helping Hand with Magnifying Glass brings to the table.

SE is an enrolled trademark secured by US Trademark Law.

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