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Everybody wants that his/her need should be fulfilled on his/her bed without moving, so you can see around you that shopping is being took over by different eCommerce applications. With every passing day you find that buy online, sell online, free home delivery and many more interests on internet, newspaper or we can say that social media like Facebook, Twitter and many other famous platforms.

My Story for Appreciation

I am also a common person like you. I make shopping in bazaars different markets to sell things and to buy things but this is filthy exhaustion way to keep up your product. I monitored many people being fed up for their sale and purchase in a difficult way with not a hundred percent satisfaction. By accessing a track creating by this world that we always go onward and discover many things and new ideas. E commerce took place very lastly that helps the people to sale out their products or to purchase from someone by sitting in home on a single click. I have a good news for all those who suffer to find an exact buyer or to find an exact seller. I have introduced a new platform where a common person can go for any kind of sale or purchase from head to toe.

Stop Thinking..! Just Click

What a common person can think, can sale or can purchase. for example if I start conclude things for which you can deal with a perfect buyer or seller are clothing, different events, shops, restaurants, hotels, automobiles, cell phone, rent automobiles, rent property, property sale, property purchase, toys, watches, home accessories, crockery, furniture, dance parties offers, catering, parties, celebrations of different events, ads for girls etc.. This is not ended but it did not start yet to describe what we are doing for you people facilitating with a single seat for you in your house.

Property Hive

People find much difficulty to sale or to purchase any property or main focused people for a rental property but the main issue is that there is a big margin between the people trying to purchase or hire a property for rent and people to sale out their property or to rent their property due to which there is a big hole to find a better match for the people.

We help to find people have property to sale out or those people who are waiting for you to purchase some property. On our platform there you will find a lot of property dealers in shape of ads where you can contact them for sale or purchase of property or for rent business. From all over the Pakistan you can see different rates of lands including commercial and noncommercial property for sale, purchase and rent. The most important part of this is that you will contact a person itself without any kind of commission to third party for his services or any other extra deals.

Furniture Market

We let the different people from all over the Pakistan to visit their own choice for home decorations through people who want to sale their furniture regardless of new or used. Anyone of you can post his or her ads on our platform to get an appropriate dealer with a reasonable process. There is no fraud because you will be satisfied at your own stake by meeting different people having different opportunities to sale or to purchase. Come and get your own choice.

Automobile Market

This is the era of travelling and exploring. For this fast age automobiles have become a necessary component of life where people travel a lot for their jobs, with their families etc. Everybody tries to seek for a better and better conveyance. Here we are offering people to come and get their wish deals by different suitable people.

Anyone can post his/her ad to sale out his vehicle and anybody can post his/her ad to purchase any kind of vehicle. There is no limit to think so any kind of vehicle can be salad out or purchased here through ads posting.

Decoration Sale & Purchase

This is something for which women are more interested. To decorate their houses, rooms and kitchens with different accessories available in market. Sometime it really happens that things are too much expensive to buy but do not worry. On our platform there are too many people to sale out their crockery and other decoration master pieces in reasonable prices. You can show your product to sale or can view a product to purchase by ads posted by people here.

No One Can Beat Women

Cosmetics have a high range all over the world. That’s why there is a big domain where we can find different products related to cosmetics. You will food a huge range of people who will be selling out cosmetics and those who will be wanting to purchase from you. Very easily you can post your ad to get a better and comfortable deal. Especially for women this is a big platform to find their cosmetic products.

Old products for Sale & Purchase

This is a platform where anyone can sale or purchase any kind of used product. Simply you can create a post and wait for a relevant customer to contact.

Everyone wants to be facilitated

With a hard work in daily routine people stressed out and probably find their way to release stress. Happy for that because this is also a platform to hire any girl for relaxing your mind on feasible rates. You can endorse any post for hiring a girl or also you can create any post to show off a girl on feasible rates.

What else?

Anything in your daily routine about which you can think, you can easily sale out or purchase on PK BAZAR. There is a huge community waiting for you to link in different modes to facilitating your life. Please visit our site to view your life with a different angle and to see what make benefit for you to grow your life in an acute mode.

Age of Electronics

Electronic products for sale in Lahore, Pakistan. Our electronic store is located at Lahore but we supply our electronic products in all over the Pakistan. You can order us online to sale any type of electronic accessories. If any product you cannot find at our shopping website you can direct call us or email us to know about that product.

Every passing day is a fast as previous with new innovations new facilities and luxuries of life to maintain yourself and activities matched with new trends. There are many things that have not only made our life easy but also they have made us addicted for their use because without these innovations concept of life remains incomplete. We deal in different electronic products for sale purchase. We have a huge display center where you can buy or can purchase any kind of electronic products.

The categories we have are as followed. Please visit our online PK BAZAAR to have a huge variety of electronics.

Cell phones


In all brands we deal from all over the Pakistan. We deal in all brands from normal range to a maximum range. As compare to market our rate are feasible to handle and quality of our product is better.


Popular brands we deal in are, Samsung, LG, Huawei, Nokia, Q-Mobile, Lenovo Mobile, Apple iphone, Sony, LG Mobile, HTC Mobile, Microsoft Mobile, Rivo Mobile, OPPO Mobile, Haier Mobile, Motorola Mobile, BlackBerry, VOICE Mobile, OPhone Mobile, Calm Mobile, G’Right Mobile, G’Five, Club Mobile, Sony Ericsson.


In PKBAZAAR.PK display we have different models of laptops from old to latest. PKBAZAAR.PK store have different models of laptop brands named as Lenovo, Acer, Haier, HP, Dell, ASUS and all other flattest and old models that suites you very well according to your needs.

Large Electronic Appliances

In other products we have different variety of electronics for sale and purchase. In larger appliances we have a huge list in which appliances are included named washing machines with all models, Room coolers, Air conditioners, Ovens, Electric Water Heater, Splutter, Refrigerators, Sanguine Appliances and many others that you can think you can buy from PK BAZAR and sale because we have both facilities to sale and purchase your electronics.

Minor Appliances

Other electronics we have in our store are Irons, vacuum cleaners, Toasters, geysers and emergency lights etc. Not only we have these straight products but also we have all kinds of models in these accessories.

Kitchen Appliances

The most important part of your house or homes are kitchen accessories including Microwave Ovens, Mixer, Juicer, Grinders, Induction Cook tops, Air Fryers, water Purifiers and mincers.

Men Accessories 

All type of legal products for men are available at our store. Our main store of men products in located at Lahore. We supply our products all over the Pakistan.

These types of products are available for men at our store  fashion products for men, clothing products for men, shoes for men, Jewelry for men, accessories for men, watches for men, dresses for men and all other legal products that are used by a man.

Women Accessories

All type of legal products for women are available at our store. Our main store of women products in located at Lahore. We supply our products all over the Pakistan.

These types of products are available for women at our store  fashion products for women , clothing products for women , shoes for women , Jewelry for women , accessories for women , watches for women , dresses for women and all other legal products that are used by a woman.



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