Beauty Care Massager for men and women


Profoundly perfect facial and body skin to plan for saturating or sustaining. Minimal embellishments for different utilization

Minimized size and Light weighted. Streamline outline, little and compact for use

Peel dead cell to uncover a roseate, energetic skin

Lessen and delete fine rimples and zits

Evacuate hard cells on the ground and elbow


This MelodySusie pivoting face and body cleaning framework helps keeps your skin looking more youthful and more dynamic.

It can help expels implanted soil and oil, bringing about more advantageous, more delightful skin. Surprisingly delicate for purifying all skin sorts, including touchy skin conditions.

Your pores seem littler, scarcely discernible differences and wrinkles seem diminished and your skin tone and surface progresses.

Wash down your face completely and quagmire off dead skin cells with the round wipe head, and line it up with a skin-restoring knead.

It prepares your face for better retention of creams to keep your face ideally sustained.

You can likewise utilize the back rub heads to mitigate and shed your whole body.No need to squander the cash on costly facial. Depiction: Cleaning the face to get ready for applying creams and moisturizers. Peeling of dead skin cells to receal a roseate, young skin. Back rub and utilization of cream to better enter the skin and keep it fed and hydrated. Expelling hard cells on the ground or elbow. Power by 2 AA batteries (excluded) have 5 embellishments It incorporates


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