Mole Repeller Ultrasonic Solar Snake Gopher Repeller Mice Rats Rodent For Lawn Garden Yards

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Sun Powered Pest Repellent to Secure Your Living Environment

The repeller transmits its flag every which way approx.50 ft so they can be put approx.100ft separated in high hazard territories, it is constantly prescribed to utilize at least two units to get the best outcomes. Embed the spike into the ground, focusing not to harm the unit. The spike ought to be solidly planted while leaving the base of the head”1-2″above the ground. We propose utilize a crowbar initially to make a little gap and tenderly drive the spike in or burrow a little opening and inlay with earth after the unit is set up.

Ordinarily the main upkeep required is, to wipe the sun oriented board cover with a delicate fabric to evacuate earth and grime.


Simple and helpful to utilize.

Sheltered and Chemical free.

Made of strong ABS plastic and erosion evidence aluminum.

Sunlight based fueled and no requirement for additional battery.

Waterproof, no stress for outrageous climate.

No mischief to your pet.

Not negatively affect human.


Compelling Coverage:650m?

Recurrence: 400-1000Hz

Worked in Rechargeable Battery: 1.2V/800mAh Ni-Cd

Rechargeable Current: 45mA with 90000LUX

Aluminum Tube: 6.06″(diameter) x 17.27″(Height)


The nature and thickness of the ground will influence the execution of the repeller, so before introducing it, check the ground. Strong earth permits best solid transmission. Earth that is solidified, inundated or waterlogged will bring about the poor fuction of this gadget.

Bundle Included:

2 x Solar Mole Repeller

1 x User Manual

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