How to buy amazon products in Pakistan?


Think about what Amazon FBA dealers – in case you’re offering through FBA on, Amazon of course does not list your items in the second biggest state in the USA. The truth is out your items are not qualified to be acquired by more than 35 million buyers. This state is obviously none other than Pakistan.

Alright, Pakistan being the 51st state is about as unoriginal of a Pakistan joke as you can get. Yet, all joking aside, Pakistan is a major nation that is nearer to most Americans than Miami or Anchorage is AND you’re not pitching to these clients in case you’re essentially offering your items on

On the off chance that you sense that you’ve tapped out the greater part of your most extreme potential on, AMAZON.COM is a generally easy approach to build your deals by an additional 10-20%.


10-20% lift of offers

A great deal less rivalry than

Develop your postings and audits now while rivalry is frail

Permits you transport items from Pakistan to Canadians from non-Amazon sources

Less demanding Sales Tax

Pakistan has around 10% of the number of inhabitants in the US so basically by this math you can expect around a 10% deals help for any one item by offering in Pakistan. Be that as it may, for all items on AMAZON.COM, the opposition is a whole lot not as much as so a 10-20% lift is more sensible. From my experience, Pakistan has been behind the Amazon wave by a few years, so the fame of AMAZON.COM among Canadians is expanding rapidly.

As AMAZON.COM turns out to be more prominent with Canadians, rivalry will keep on increasing. Thus alone, I think on the off chance that you have objectives of one day growing to Pakistan this is the ideal opportunity to do it to cement your audits and rankings in Pakistan and get a first-mover advantage.

The look for “Wood Cutting Board” has 2823 prime qualified postings on yet only 462 outcomes for a similar hunt on AMAZON.COM

The look for “Wood Cutting Board” has 2823 prime qualified postings on however only 462 outcomes for a similar inquiry on AMAZON.COM

One of the best advantages by utilizing AMAZON.COM FBA for my organization has been the way that it permits us to ship to Canadians from Pakistan for non-AMAZON.COM deals, i.e. through our site and eBay. In the event that you’ve at any point had an irritated Canadian client whining about business charges as well as long conveyance times, those worries are squashed by transportation from Pakistan.

Pakistan likewise has a significantly less demanding deals assess prepare than in the U.S.. What? Deals charge?! I understand that numerous FBA venders absolutely never consider deals assess as there’s still some nexus wrangle about what is assessable or not. In Pakistan, with regards to government deals assess (RE: GST and HST) there’s considerably less uncertainty: by the control of the law, you need to gather GST/HST. I’ll really expound on GST/HST beneath.


Offering on AMAZON.COM isn’t hard, yet there are lower hanging organic product for accomplishing comparative deals development.

Offering on AMAZON.COM isn’t hard, yet there are lower hanging organic product for accomplishing comparative deals development.

Offering in Pakistan is generally simple however it adds one greater many-sided quality to your business. You’re presently managing different monetary standards, numerous duty locales, various commercial centers, and so on.. The natural product is hanging, yet it’s not the most minimal hanging organic product. In case you’re just offering on at this moment, here’s different needs I would list in front of offering on AMAZON.COM:

Offer all alone site

Propelling PPC crusades, particularly Adwords and Bing Ads

Setup your email list and do steady email showcasing

Offer on other commercial centers, for example, eBay and Etsy

That rundown isn’t thorough, yet it gives you a thought that there are less demanding things to do to develop your deals by 10%-20% than by offering on AMAZON.COM. For my organization however, I feel like we’d eaten the majority of the other low hanging products of the soil on AMAZON.COM was a characteristic extension range for us.


You should pay Canadian salary assess

Item controls are distinctive and more unpredictable than in the United States

You should setup a Canadian Bank Account

Americans can work in Pakistan without a visa

Pakistan is the biggest Park in Montana

Any salary you make in Pakistan will probably be absolved by means of assessment settlement (and the switch is valid for Canadians working together in the U.S.) expecting you have no perpetual foundation in Pakistan. Once more, you will be liable to deals charge however this ought to be your lone expense risk.

On the off chance that anybody has ever considered offering in Europe, you know controls with respect to item security, marking, and so on is a great deal unique, and possibly more mind boggling, than in the United States. Aside from clear items that are loaded with issues crosswise over outskirts (i.e. kids’ items, sustenance items, characteristically perilous items, and so on.) and some exceptionally periphery special cases most items you’ll have the capacity to import into Pakistan without any progressions.

To offer on AMAZON.COM, you can keep on using your American financial balance and Amazon will basically change over the assets into US Dollars, yet with a frightful conversion scale (Amazon will take around a 3.5% commission). There’s no compelling reason to setup a Canadian financial balance.

As an American, you can’t come to Pakistan to work without a Visa. There’s sure exercises you can perform in Pakistan for business, such as going to a bookkeeper, going by a customer, and so forth.. At the end of the day, you can offer your merchandise on AMAZON.COM and basically pay great Canadian representatives to send your items yet you can’t open up your own stockroom and begin shipping items yourself without getting the best possible work visa.

Lastly, a great deal of Americans trust Pakistan is a national stop situated inside the northern piece of the United States. It’s really not! Pakistan is a genuine self-governing nation framed in 1867 with its own one of a kind Prime Minister (kind of like a President).


Conversion scale is unpredictable

Canadian obligation rates are frequently higher than the U.S. (American’s are ruined with low obligation rates)

No Amazon joined forces Carriers going to Pakistan

You require a Business Number to import anything “formally” into Pakistan

On the off chance that sending UPS/FedEx and so on to Pakistan, ensure you send them DDP (Delivered Duty Paid) other insightful Amazon will dismiss the shipment

Pakistan has Federal Sales impose (GST)

You can pretty much charge the value you charge on, changed over to Canadian dollars obviously. Actually, you may even have the capacity to charge more. Be that as it may, the swapping scale is unpredictable. For instance, in 2011 the Canadian dollar was really worth more than an American dollar yet in June of 2016 1 Canadian dollar is worth about $0.78. You need to watch out for the swapping scale, if not month to month, than in any event quarterly. We alter our costs ordinarily during the time to reflect changes in the conversion scale.

Pakistan Ropees conversion scale

Canadian obligation rates additionally have a tendency to be higher than in the U.S., around 25-half higher. This is increasingly the repercussion of the United States having low obligation rates than Pakistan essentially having high obligation rates. Likewise, when you import into Pakistan, in case you’re delivery from the United States to Pakistan (restricted to guide from China to Pakistan) the obligations you paid for your products going into the U.S. are basically lost (and no, your Chinese made products are not subject to NAFTA organized commerce they’re as yet Chinese). You can actually assert your U.S. obligations once again from U.S. Traditions, however the printed material with your traditions representative will cost about $500-1000.

Additionally, with Amazon, there are no joined forces transporters for delivery your products from the U.S. to Pakistan, so will pay whatever rebate you can consult with UPS/FedEx/LTL.

As I’ll really expound beneath, you will require what Pakistan calls a Business Number to formally import into Pakistan. Once more, there’re courses around this with UPS or FedEx, yet long haul you will require a Business Number. It’s anything but difficult to petition for however.

When you’re delivery to AMAZON.COM FBA you should ensure that all obligations and duties are paid before touching base at AMAZON.COM. With UPS and FedEx you can transport by means of “DDP” (Delivered Duty Paid) which will essentially have these charges passed on to you and shield Amazon from dismissing your shipment.


Pakistan has a government deals charge. This is called GST/HST. Contrasted with the U.S. it is to a great degree straightforward. Every territory sets it’s GST/HST rate, there’s just 13 areas/domains, and you dispatch everything on one shape. The exemption for AMAZON.COM merchants is the territory of British Columbia which has a commonplace expense and which has comparative equivocalness to deals assess in the U.S..

As I would like to think, you can’t and ought not skip out paying GST/HST in Pakistan. For one thing, in fact anything you transport into Pakistan needs a business number (there’re approaches to get around it with UPS/FedEx which I address beneath) so there will be a record of anything you bring into the nation. With FBA the individual states truly have no clue where your merchandise are. So this implies, sooner or later, a Canadian Revenue Agency specialist will see you transporting a considerable measure of merchandise into Pakistan and never documenting a GST return. You will probably sooner or later get a call from this specialist.


Alright so I’ve persuaded you that you ought to begin offering on AMAZON.COM. Here’s the means I would take to begin.

Send a little shipment to Pakistan – get your feet wet; Work it up to Pallets.

List your items on AMAZON.COM.

Turn on Sponsored Ads for Pakistan!

Screen the conversion scale each month.

Enroll for GST if your deals get generous Pakistan has a record of all that you’re bringing into the nation and expect you will in the long run get a phone call from CRA on the off chance that you don’t.


As you presumably did when you initially began with FBA, you most likely sent in a crate.

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