GO-GO BABYZ TRAVELMATE Car Seat Travel Stroller For Toddler Car Seats

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The Go-Go Babyz Travelmate rapidly transforms your little child auto situate into a reduced travel stroller so you can explore any airplane terminal with your tyke and all their rigging rapidly and securely. The Travelmate is perfect with a huge assortment of little child and convertible auto situates available and is made for kids up to 50 pounds. Tipping the scales at just five pounds, the Travelmate is one of the lightest, most minimal auto situate strollers accessible. Its wide wheel base gives added soundness to cornering and mobility and can be pushed or pulled. Presently, rather than conveying your tyke and auto situate, you can wheel your tyke in their own particular auto situate serenely and securely through a group with one hand. The Travelmate’s underlying get together is fast and basic so you can be up and coming in a matter of seconds. It is outfitted with an overlay down base to oblige the vast auto situates available today so you can safely roll your kid in their own particular auto situate killing the need to convey an overwhelming auto situate and tired kid. The brisk discharge tightening strap makes joining and evacuating the Travelmate speedy and straightforward and the 3 inch, snappy discharge razor wheels give a smooth ride, exact taking care of and can be introduced or expelled in a matter seconds without the requirement for apparatuses. What’s more, the four position extending handle enables you to modify the stature to your coveted solace level and can be completely withdrawn for conservative stockpiling. The Travelmate can be checked with your things, moved to door and checked, or moved the distance on the plane to be utilized as a part of flight or put away in the overhead compartment. On the off chance that you utilize your Travelmate and auto situate amid the flight we propose utilizing a safety belt extender to make it simpler to secure and discharge the aircraft safety belt. On the off chance that you checked your auto situate as well as Travelmate we recommend you secure it in a tough sack. The Travelmate is intended to withstand some mishandle yet things can get slammed around amid flight.Airplane go with a little child can be a test, however with the Go-Go Kidz TravelMate, exploring the airplane terminal turns into a bit of cake. The TravelMate is an auto situate connection that enables it to be wheeled effortlessly through the airplane terminal, with your kid securely belted in. Along these lines, instead of conveying your kid on one arm and a massive auto situate on the other, you can easily finish the air terminal with less bother. It is intended for use with most convertible or baby auto seats, for infants and youngsters up to 50 pounds.

How It Works

The Go-Go Kidz TravelMate rapidly and effectively appends to most convertible or little child auto seats. It has 5-inch haggles adaptive handle for effortlessly wheeling your kid in his or her auto situate. Since the FAA unequivocally suggests that kids under 40 pounds utilize an auto situate for air travel, the TravelMate spares you the bother of pulling your auto situate – and your dynamic baby, in addition to all your apparatus – through the airplane terminal. The TravelMate’s wheels isolate effectively to pass through air terminal security X-beam machines. The handle highlights four-position flexibility, running from 28 crawls to 50-1/2 creeps for greatest adaptability. What’s more, at just five pounds, the TravelMate won’t impede you in case you’re attempting to travel light. Actually, it makes a minimized bundle: it overlap level for simple stockpiling, measuring only 28 x 17 x 5 inches (H x L x W) when shut and 50-1/2 x 17 x 5 inches (H x L x W) when open.

Protected and Secure

You can rest guaranteed that your kid will be protected and agreeable while you master through the air terminal with your TravelMate. Its wide, elastic wheels give a steady, smooth ride, and it is intended for similarity with most broadly accessible auto situate models.

Grant Winning Innovation

The Go-Go Kidz TravelMate has gotten many honors, including the 2006 JPMA Innovation Award; the iParenting Media Award for Greatest Products of 2006; the Best Product of the Year for 2006 from Fit Pregnancy; and the Preemie Cool Stuff Award.Go-Go Kidz TravelMate Compatibility

The Go-Go Kidz TravelMate is good with most generally accessible auto seats, including:

Britax (Advantage, Boulevard Decathlon, Diplomat, Freeway (UK Version), Marathon, Regent, Roundabout, and Wizard)

Cosco (Alpha Elite Apex Booster, Alpha Lux Convertible, Alpha Omega, Alpha Omega Elite, Alpha Sport Vantage Booster, High Back Booster, and Summit High Back).

Eddie Bauer (Deluxe 3 in 1 Convertible, High Back Booster, and Summit Booster)

Evenflo (Big Kid Booster Car Seat, Chase LX, Generations Booster, Harness Booster situate, Titan Deluxe , Titan V, Tribute VLX, Tribute 5 Delux, Triumph, Triumph Advanced LX, Triumph Advanced DLX, and Vanguard)

Fisher-Price SafeVoyage

Graco (ComfortSport, Nautilus 3-in-1, Platinum Cargo Booster, Toddler SafeSeat (step 2), and Treasured CarGo)

Maxi Cosi Priori

Recaro Como Convertible

Security first (3-Phase and Enspira)

Daylight Kids (Radian 65 and Radian 80)

Take note of: the TravelMate is not perfect with the accompanying seats: Britax Parkway Booster; Combi Koluk High back sponsor; Cosco Scenera; Graco Turbo Booster; Safety first Intera; and Recaro.

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