Explore Foldable Volume Limiting Kids Headphones – Durable, Comfortable & Customizable – Built In Headphone Splitter And In Line Mic – For IPad, Kindle, Computers And Tablets – Blue

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Item Description:

Volume Limiting to Kid Safe Levels

BuddyPhones is a volume-constraining earphones intended for children’s sheltered tuning in. BuddyPhones include an implicit volume-restricting hardware that holds the sound weight down to levels suggested by the World Health Organization (WHO). Presentation to extreme levels of sound is turned out to be harming and can bring about unfriendly long haul impacts. BuddyPhones utilizes an inherent, dependably on sound-control circuit to keep up volume levels up to 85 decibels.

Earphone Sharing

We have dependably instructed our youngsters that ‘Sharing is Caring’. This is the reason we have introduced a BuddyCable sound splitter in the BuddyPhones. Buddycable has it worked in so it never gets lost or overlooked when you require it. One host gadget can hold up to a greatest of four amigos on the double!


Buddyphones are made to withstand being packed into knapsacks in confused circumstances, flexed, bowed, and put into dynamic circumstances. The earphone lodging can be bowed without forever harming it, and the string is removable for wellbeing and to avert tearing. The line is level with the goal that it won’t tangle.


BuddyPhones are flexible to get the ideal fit. The earpads are delicate and cushioned with hypoallergenic material. An in-line receiver with a noting catch works for telephone calls and intelligent applications.


Each arrangement of BuddyPhones incorporates 5 stickers to modify the presence of the earphones.

Travel Friendly

BuddyPhones are made in light of travel. The earpads have a collapsing plan for simple stockpiling, and a travel pack is incorporated.

Lifetime Warranty

Each combine of BuddyPhones accompanied a lifetime restricted substitution guarantee.

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