BAFX Products IR Repeater – Remote Control Extender Kit

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Item Description:

NEW outline! Littler impression! Same awesome item!

Need to put your link confine or different gadgets a bureau or other room and still have the capacity to control them from before your TV? This BAFX Products® IR Repeater (remote control extender) enables you to do only that!

Basically put the IR collector from the repeater unit where you wish to point your remote control, run the IR recipient wire from the pack to the dispersion square. Presently run the IR producers from the pack to the gadgets you wish to control and place them over the gadgets IR collectors, connect the unit to a divider outlet and your everything set!

The pack incorporates:

• 1 Distribution square

• 1 IR Receiver

• 1 Power plug

• 4 Dual IR Emitters (control up to 8 gadgets)

• Manual

• Link to a setup video


• The IR beneficiary rope is 5′ long. Can be expanded utilizing a 3.5mm AV expansion link

• The conveyance square measures approx. 1.9″x4.3″x0.87″ and has spaces for mounting if wanted (screws excluded)

• The conveyance square can likewise be fueled by a USB printer link (excluded)

• The pack contains 4 IR producer ropes to control 8 gadget and has spaces for 2 more producer links

1 Yr BAFX Products® guarantee against assembling defects!*

Imperative NOTE FOR PLASMA TVS Plasma TV’s produce IR frequencies that can meddle with the IR recipient of this gadget (Not relevant to LCD or LED). This can more often than not be settled by putting the IR collector encourage far from the plasma TV OR by putting a bit of scotch tape over the IR beneficiary to diminish it’s affectability! This does not happen with LCD or LED

This pack won’t work with the accompanying: RNG250; RNG150; RNG150N; Marantz gadgets

*1 year guarantee just substantial when obtained from BAFX Products® or approved merchants with a legitimate receipt

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