2 X Vensmile Solar Snake Repellent Mole Repeller Control Outdoor Rodent Gopher Vole Chaser For Garden Law Yard And Waterproof


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Item Description:

VENSMILE Solar Powered Mole Repeller-VS 312S

No Toxic Chemicals, No traps: VENSMILE sun oriented controlled sonic vermin repeller offers a sheltered approach to head out snakes, moles, voles, gophers, wenches and other tunneling rodents. At regular intervals, vibration beats infiltrate the dirt, vibration which is disturbing to snakes and moles who are for all intents and purposes dazzle and to a great degree touchy to vibrations. This technique urges snakes and moles to leave the property and the sun based worked spike keeps on disheartening return visits

Worked in Electric engines, it radiate more grounded vibration and further powerful range (7500 Square feet)


• Theory: Vibration

• Material: ABS plastic and erosion verification aluminum.

• Rechargeable battery (incl.): 2pcs NI-MH, 1.2V/1200mAh

• Net item weight(g): 325g

• Vibration recurrence: Vibration 5 seconds like clockwork

Bundle Included:

2 x VENSMILE Solar Snake Repeller

1 x Manual

Imperative: Pleaes read take after before you introduce repeller gadget:

1. When utilizing the gadget interestingly you may discover more mole slopes than expected in the garden. This does not means it’s not working. The mole sees an adjustment in its condition and needs to discover where the change is originating from and in the event that it can be disposed of. Over the long haul the sound will disturb to the mole and he will begin moving far from it. So please hold up 2-4 weeks quietly to see the mole repellent outcome

2. Do whatever it takes not to “encompass” the mole with various anti-agents. He will have no chance to get out. Begin by putting at least one mole anti-agents inverse to the zone where you need to drive a mole to. We prescribe to begin close to the mass of the house.

3. At the point when initially introduce and utilize this repeller, kindly do it well ordered as the client manage in the container




Display: 312S-5

MPN: 312S-5

PackageQuantity: 2

PartNumber: 312S-5

ProductGroup: Lawn and Patio




Title: 2 x Vensmile Solar Snake Repellent Mole Repeller Control Outdoor Rodent Gopher Vole Chaser for Garden Law Yard and Waterproof


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